Considering Divorce But Worried About Your Spouse's Mental Health? Medical Attention They Need Now

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Considering Divorce But Worried About Your Spouse's Mental Health? Medical Attention They Need Now

7 July 2016
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Has the conversation or threat of divorce forced your spouse into a poor mental state, and you worry about their health and well-being? If so, there are a lot of things that could be a problem with their mental and physical state, and you want to get them treatment as quickly as you can. Divorce or not, the well-being of your spouse should be your number one concern, especially if there are children involved. Here are a few different things that you'll want to explore to help your spouse recovery and get on track.

Physical Examination

Often when the body ages, in males and females, hormones change and things can be off. Get a physical examination to see if there are any problems with the thyroid, hormones, or with their physical health that is starting to cause a problem with the mental health. A vitamin deficiency or organ problem could be assisting to progress mental health woes in a stressful time.

Mental Health Examination

If your spouse is threatening their life or making rash statements, ask them to get a mental health examination. The mental health examination may show that they have problems with anxiety, depression, anger management and more, and that they need to seek mental treatment for the problems that they are dealing with. Your family physician may be able to do a brief examination but it's best to see a mental health professional for this.

Outpatient Mental Health Treatment  

If your spouse doesn't want to check in somewhere, outpatient options are available for many. There are many options for this type of treatment, and a combination of the following may be needed for your spouse:

  • Personal individual and group therapy options
  • Marital counseling and therapy sessions for both spouses
  • Family therapy with children and extended members

Your spouse may need all of these things to get better, and they may need to attend group meetings regularly.

It doesn't matter if you are going to go through the divorce, or if you and your spouse are able to get through things with therapy, you want to know that they are healthy before you make the decision to end or stay in the marriage. Make sure that you have your spouse get assessed by the right professionals (like those at Hope House Inc) so you can find out what is wrong, or if it's just the stress of the divorce that is causing their issues.