3 Ways To Keep A Loved One Close Even After Death

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3 Ways To Keep A Loved One Close Even After Death

6 June 2016
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Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult events in a person's life. Whether it's a spouse, sibling, parent, or a close friend, finding ways to remember them is an important part of the healing process. Many people choose cremation services for their loved ones instead of having them interred in the ground or in a vault. One of the benefits of cremation is that it produces ashes that can be carried around as a memento of those who have been lost. Here are three ways to create mementos from loved ones who have been cremated.

Diamonds Are Forever

For many people diamonds are a symbol of love and commitment. While many people are aware that diamonds can be created in a lab, many do not know that these diamonds can actually be created from the ashes of a loved one. This process costs between $5,000 and $22,000 and takes a few weeks. Each diamond created from the ashes of a loved one is unique. Many of these diamonds are blue in color, but white, yellow, or black diamonds are also possible. These diamonds can be saved in a box or placed into jewelry that can be worn everyday.


One way to commemorate someone who has been lost is by getting a tattoo in their memory. This can be taken a step further! Tattoo ink can be mixed with cremation ashes and then tattooed under the skin. Getting the right consistency of ashes to ink can be very challenging so it's important to go to a tattoo artist who has experience with these types of memorial tattoos. It's not something that everyone feels comfortable with, but for some it's a great way to carry their loved ones with them at all times. 


Pencils may seem like a very unusual way to remember someone. However, for those writers or artists who lost someone who inspired them, being able to create from their ashes can be a beautiful thing. Cremated remains can be turned into pencils that can be used to write or draw. It's a unique way to keep a lost loved one nearby. Friends and family can also enjoy the words and pictures created by these pencils for years to come.

Keeping a loved one's memory alive after death is a healthy part of the grieving process. There are plenty of options that can help people keep cremated remains nearby. After the cremation services are completed, the ashes can be turned into a diamond, used in tattoos, or even turned into pencils.

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